Honeycomb Beehive Fairy Bottle

  • $10.00

You will receive one magical glass vial with real honeycomb from an abandoned beehive. The top has been sealed with honey colored wax and stamped with a beautiful bee to adorn your sacred space. The vial measures 1.8” x 2.3”.

The honeycomb comes from an abandoned beehive that was in a hollowed out tree trunk in my backyard. It had been abandoned for almost an entire year, which to be honest, truly made me sad. I collected some of the dried out beehive, and cleaned a bit of the gunk, dust, and spider webs out of the trunk. About four months later, some bees decided to make it their home again! In celebration, I planted lavender and rosemary in the area, and the bees hum around my yard in appreciation. No bees were harmed. This is a memento to celebrate what was and what can be reborn again.