Luna Ritual Kit

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Focused on self care and self growth, this Luna Ritual Kit contains in-depth and step-by-step instructions on how to perform New Moon Rituals and Full Moon Rituals. This includes how to set up a crystal grid, how to charge your crystals, and how to perform a Moon Water Ritual. This kit is all inclusive and contains everything you need to perform all rituals plus bonus items.

Included in this kit:

•6 Quartz Crystal Points to complete your own crystal grid with instructions

•One Free Standing Celestial Quartz Point

•One Free Standing Clear Quartz Point

•One Polished Agate Druzy Crescent Moon Crystal

•One 4” Crescent Moon Mirror with Black Velvet Pouch

•Reiki-Charged New Moon Bath Salts

•Hibiscus, Lavender, and Rose Bath Herbs

•One Manifestation Tea Light Candle

•One New Moon Water Jar with waterproof label

•One Full Moon Water Jar with waterproof label

•One Vial of 4” Black Ritual Matches with Match Striker on bottom

•One California White Sage Bundle

•One Ethically Sourced Palo Santo Stick

•Manifestation Papers

•New Moon and Full Moon Rituals

•Crystal Grid Instructions

•Moon Water Ritual

•Bonus Celestial Goodies