Midnight Shungite Pendulum

  • $45.00
  • Save $30

This copper electroformed shungite pendulum is adorned with a blue flash rainbow moonstone.

Shungite is known to relieve stress, boost energy, and detoxify and purify one’s body by eliminating negativity energy, which is perfect for energy work. Shungite paired with rainbow moonstone is a beautiful balance, because it deflects negativity and strengthens intuition and psychic perception. The copper it’s made with is a highly conductive element that amplifies the energy of crystals, and it will aid you with your energy work. It’s hung on a 6” soldered beaded copper chain adorned with an snow quartz gemstone.

As with all hand carved crystals and handmade items, it may have minor imperfections that only add to its charm and character. This pendulum is discounted due to 2 small divots in the shungite near the copper top.